Our club sponsored Jessica Spain to go on an Outward Bound course in January, 2021.  A photo of Jessica and her beautiful thank you card is the main image of this week's bulletin.  She says the Outward Bound experience improved her both mentally and physically. 

Caption: Jessica Spain sailing during an Outward Bound course. Credit: Supplied

In January 2021, Jessica Spain completed an Outward Bound course that she says helped to improve her both mentally and physically.

She spent three nights on a boat, four days tramping and spent time kayaking, rock climbing and coasteering. She also spent three days alone in the bush.

“...I got so much out of it and improved myself mentally and physically.”

“I am a better version of myself from it.”

In a thank you card hand delivered to the August 17, 2021 club meeting, Jessica says, "thank you very much again for the grant so that I could have the amazing opportunity to go on this life changing course.

"I enjoyed it so much and got so much out of it ... it helped me so much in figuring out where I wanted to go with my life and who I wanted to be.

"I am a better version of myself from it. Thank you so much again."

To learn more about Outward Bound click on this link https://www.outwardbound.co.nz/about-us/about-outward-bound/ and also watch the video below.