What a success the combined Rotary Day of Action beach clean up was. 
Caption: Rotary members transporting rubbish collected on September 24. 

The focus of the Rotary Day of Action was simple ... pick up rubbish. 

The 45 people who participated managed to clean up the coastline and take away trailers of rubbish. 

The day was co-ordinated by DGN Dave McKissock. 

Rubbish pollution on the coastline can enter the ocean affecting the marine ecosystem.

The project supports our environment, one of the seven areas of focus for Rotary

After the health and safety briefing the group was split into two and headed down both sides of Oreti Beach.

The map below shows the area covered, about 10km of Oreti Beach area, areas in sand dunes and then alongside the roadside from the beach to Sandy Point area, into Daffodil Bay.

Thanks to Hellers, Trent’s Wholesale and Southern Directionz participants enjoyed a yummy lunch of sausages, onions and bacon buttys

The last action of the day was taking trailers of rubbish to the transfer station – two trailers weighed in at about 1200kg.

The weather was outstanding, there was lots of fellowship between clubs and members attending with friends, family members and some new faces that joined in on the day.

This collaboration as a club and with other clubs was as "imagined" a well organised platform for community service but also an opportunity for Rotary to be more visible to the wider community. 

For more photos check out the photo album https://invercargillrotary.club/PhotoAlbums/rotary-in-action-beach-clean-up.