Once again fun and fellowship complimented the menu of fabulous food at our second Host a Roast fundraiser for the Southland Hospital Ronald McDonald Family Room that was held on August 27.
Thanks to Helen and Mike for opening up their home and being wonderful hosts to the 30 attendees, and to the wonderful members, partners and family who attended and contributed food and most importantly helped with the clean-up.
Click on this link for photos from the day
It was great to see new members, long serving members and children of members enjoying each other's company on the day.
A goal of a $500 donation was planned and that has now been surpassed to sit at about $644 donated to date.
If you attended and have not yet paid – please make your donation directly online here https://hostaroast.kiwi/rotaryclubofinvercargill or bring cash for the collection bucket that will be at Tuesday’s meeting.
If you couldn’t attend on Sunday, but would like to support this fundraiser you can make a donation directly at https://hostaroast.kiwi/rotaryclubofinvercargill or put a donation in the collection bucket at Rotary.
The Ronald McDonald Family Room, Southland Hospital is an extension of the hospital that is directly connected to the Children’s and Neo Natal wards.
When families walk in, they forget they’re in a hospital – this is a place to rest and regroup just moments away from their children.
A home away from home for families who have children undergoing treatment at the hospital. There are also four overnight bedrooms, which are allocated on a daily basis by the Family Room Supervisor in consultation with the hospital’s medical staff.
Rooms are provided to families on a greatest need basis and each family’s individual situation is taken into consideration.