Wander Search
Oct 03, 2023
Daniel Erickson and John Taylor
Wander Search

Daniel Erickson

Daniel (callsign ZL4DE) is part of a national network of licensed amateur radio operators (NZART) who assist emergency response and land-based search and rescue operations in New Zealand.

An emergency management volunteer since 2005, a community-minded person, Daniel started volunteering because he “wanted to serve in the community, to be involved.”

Now Daniel is the Southland Deputy Leader of AREC (Amateur Radio Emergency Communications). AREC provides radio operators and communications equipment during emergency responses, ensuring those involved can share information regardless of whether cell phones, telephones and other standard communication channels are operating.

Daniel has volunteered with the Wander Search program through Land Search & Rescue since 2012. Daniel has led the program in Southland during the past 6 years, which he has seen a massive increase in demand recently. 


John Taylor 

Aged 73- born in Invercargill 

45 years LandSAR volunteer 

Had 2 Search Dogs 

Retired Electrician 

Currently working as a Pest Plant contractor using a trained Dog to find the pest Weeds.

Work area is New Zealand 

Also Rabbit and Possum Control work