Oct 04, 2022
Jeff Grant
Jeff Grant last spoke to the Rotary Club of Invercargill in November 2021 about the red meat sector. He'll be back to speak to the club in October.
Here's a few highlights on his past talk:
Trends, consumers, consumption and climate change - massive topics facing every day New Zealanders, governments and world leaders were broadly canvassed by Grant during his talk at Rotary on November 2, 2021.
Grant, has an extensive political and governance career as well as being a sheep farmer at Balfour.
His talk focused on the time he spent in the UK after he accepted an offer from the Meat Industry Association in 2018 to head to London to represent the red meat sector's response to Brexit. 
Consumer trends:
* One of the biggest changes is that the bulk of food now being prepared in the UK and in major cities is no longer in a kitchen at home. Food is coming via food delivery services. Modern apartments - that are close to food precincts - are now being built without full kitchens in them.
This has an impact on how companies get their food to customers, if the traditional route is no longer through major supermarkets. 
* Have you heard the term of flexiterians? These are people who are mainly vegetarian but occassionally eat meat.