Are you up to date with the pilot project?

At the Club Forum (14th June)  the Zone 8 Regionalisation pilot was discussed at an overview level and information is reshared below for members who were unable to attend.

The background for this project started with the 2018/19 DGs unanimously agreeing to petition the RI Board for approval to develop a plan to pilot a regional structure for Australia, New Zealand and the 14 Pacific Countries in our Zone.   The current governance structure of Rotary is 70 years old.

After passing a vote (324 votes to 150 votes ) at 2022 Council on Legislation (CoL) in Chicago, April 2022, Zone 8 has the opportunity to be one of a small number of regions across the globe to pilot this new governance structure, created by RI’s Shaping Rotary’s Future Committee (SRF).    The other region is RIBI (Rotary International Britain and Ireland)

All districts in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands would be placed within a region governed by a Regional Council that would manage all regional operations.

The role of the Regional Council would be to manage the day-to-day activities of the region, including setting membership dues and governing all aspects of Rotary currently managed by districts. 

Directors have had an initial discussion and supportive of the concept being explored but would like further information before making a decision on the Vote that will be required in September 2022.

An invitation to the Regionalisation District Representative(s)  to present more detailed information has been sent and once a format, time, date is confirmed we share with you.

Check out this link for more information:

Want a more indepth understanding on this project's  background with documents: