Our guest speaker successfully completed her challenge.

Brooke Hart was a guest speaker at our club on April 5 where she educated members of her mental health journey. She was also in the process of preparing for a fundraising challenge "Brooke Takes The Tipu"

She conquered the Tipu in 12 hours and five minutes.

To date she has raised more than $10,000.

The challenge was to kayak 80km on Lake Wakatipu (Glenorchy to Kingston) to raise funds and awareness around mental health.

Brooke set this challenge for herself to show others what she experiences that "living with a mental illness is physically and mentally demanding".

As she told our club, if people could imagine how hard it would be to complete this challenge "then they could then put that thought into how it’s like to live with a mental illness".

Brooke is donating the funds raised to four organisations that support and create positive social change around mental health in New Zealand including: