Some of the 4th May Working bee crew  at Omaui Camp site, ready to do planting
Our first project for our 100th year is past the midway mark point now.
Three successful Working Bees, on 16th March 13th April and 4th May have resulted in more than 300 metres of walking tracks around/to and from the pond now completed.
Project Lead from YMCA, Jason Holland, YMCA General Manager of YMCA estimates we have laid over 70 tonne of gravel on top of 317 metres of weed mat.
The project has been to assist the YMCA to create an outdoor classroom for environmental education. 
A pond that existed in the 1990s that fills naturally from springs in the Omaui hills through existing watercourses on the camp site is being reinstated by the YMCA. 
The YMCA is working with a number of community partners, we as Rotary are one of them.
MenzShed is collaborating with us on the project, building the walkways across the existing water courses leading to the pond.
Peter Bailey, MenZShed, is overseeing the walkway construction.
More than 100 plants were planted on Saturday 4th May.
This project re-connects us to our past for the present and future generations. The Club's first working project was a 1935 clearing boulders from the Omaui Health Camp. 
The Omaui Health Camp was gifted to the YMCA in 2000 and our community relationship with YMCA goes back to 1929.
The Club did projects at Omaui Camp for the 50th and 75th anniversaries.
The next working bee for this project is to be re-scheduled with the focus for the next working bee(s) will be the installation of the walkways and more planting.