Dec 31, 2022
Our Speakers this year

Our Club would like to thank all of our speakers who have given their time to come to Rotary and educate members about a lot of different groups and topics. 

2022 Guest Speakers (this list will be updated throughout the year)
Andy Borland
Jeff Grant
Tracy Kilkelly and Braden Stark
Sheree Carey
Rachel Hucklebridge
Terry Nicholas
Joc O'Donnell
Sean Plunket
Brooke Hart
John Munro
Sam Payne
Judge John Brandts-Giesen
2021 Guest Speakers
John Green
Kate Pope
Dr Teri McClelland
Dr Agata Golawska Moody
Robin McNeill
Wayne Marriott
Ella Zhang
Chris Claridge
Nobby Clark
Rakihia Tau
Mark McLean
Jeff Grant
2020 Guest Speakers
DG Tania Lowery and John Prendergast
Dave McKissock
Lydia Uddstrom
Rebecca Amunsden
Leon Hartnett
Paddy O'Brien
Louise Evans
Covid-19 Reflections: Geoff Thomson, Mata Cherington, Tony Laker, Toni Biddle.
Liz Craig
Dylan Murray
Liv Cochrane
Melissa Vining
2019 Guest Speakers
Diana McLean
Carla Forbes
Dr Anna Palliser
Helen McCurdy
Lisa Tou McNaughton
Ken Bowie
Pauline and Mike 
Alan Watson
2018 Guest Speakers
Liz Craig
Scott Bowden
Sir Graeme Dingle
Joe Anderson
Scott McKenzie
Zoe Dawson
Claire Bau
Chris Ramsay
Laura Faherty
David Grant
Rebecca Shirley
Paul Marshall
Helene O'Neil