May 23, 2023
Ali Undorf-Lay

Ali is the Industry Liaison Manager at Sanford in Bluff and is passionate about the sea and keen to take the mystery out of what happens when a vessel disappears behind the horizon line and starts catching fish. Ali says "if people know where we work and why we do things the way we do, and that our industry is science based and sophisticated, it’s not such a big jump to think we take the challenge of responsible fishing seriously."   While not born into a fisher family, Ali cares deeply about the coast and the wellbeing of our communities supported by the sea.

In her job as Industry Liaison Manager at Sanford, a large New Zealand seafood company, Ali is a conduit between Sanford's people, the ocean environment and other marine users – officials, seafood companies, eNGOs, dolphins. Sanford’s goal is ocean leadership; to be the world’s best seafood company which means continually striving for excellence, looking beyond the first solution to find the best.

Sanford is New Zealand's oldest and largest seafood company - they farm salmon and mussels and hold 19.7% of New Zealand commercial fishing quota. Sanford has been listed on the New Zealand stock market since 1924, and is focused on sustainability and on maximising the value of the resources gathered from our oceans, enabling long term value creation from oceans teeming with life. Sanford sites can be found in 13 locations around New Zealand and they are a team of 1,400 staff and sharefishers across the country.  Committed to innovation, our scientists are on a mission to find new ways to make the most of the life-enhancing properties of seafood, from anti-inflammatory supplements to skin-nurturing collagen.